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NanoMarkets reports predict Revenues from Silver Powders and Flakes to zoom to $300 million by 2016

According to a report analyzed by NanoMarkets, Silver powder and flakes will possibly be substituted by silver nano powders and flakes as they are less negatively impacted by the soaring price of silver. Although the market for silver nano powders and flakes is still very much in the promising stage, it is expected to grow 85% annual to $300 million in 2016. However, the report also emphasized that the crucial business development is yet to be done to persuade potential customers into changing their thought processes. Also, it is important that customers are provided with results on real savings for customers.

The analysis notes that the conventional silver powders and flakes industry is disturbed by the exploitation of silver nanopowders and nanostructures. The onset of these silver nanomaterials is facilitating accessible markets for silver inks and powders to be expanded. While Nanosilver powders assure to become potent new antibacterial preparation nanosilver inks have the power to take printed electronics from the age of the membrane switch to the age of the printed sensor and backplane.

The report observes that because of the increasing price of silver, there will be a significant trend towards the use of hybrid materials that integrate the use of silver powder or flake with less expensive and less conductive materials. The use of such of materials is expected to grow by more than 50 percent from now and 2016. During rising silver prices, hybrid products like inks and pastes have always projected themselves well. NanoMarkets anticipate that there is an opportunity for suppliers to market hybrid products silver-coated copper or silver-coated nickel fillers for at least a fraction of the conductive adhesives market.

NanoMarkets study the market available for silver powders, flakes and nanomaterials over the next eight years and provide detailed counseling on the revenue generating capabilities in the emerging markets. It includes a forecast of the business potential in the hybrid materials area for the next eight years as well as the strategies employed the firms working in this area. It includes both upcoming and conventional uses of silver flakes and powders, NanoMarkets said.

The report also talks about significant competition that the silver powder and flakes business will encounter in the coming years. One of them and the most evident is the rising price of silver which is showing no signs of tapering off. This will result in users of silver powders and flakes looking for alternative products ranging from carbon and copper to the latest nanomaterials.

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