Monitoring the Critical Checkpoints for Silver

As a result of changing prices on silver, it is very significant to maintain a record. The complete analysis on silver prices revealed that it will jump a bit higher in case of pricing. In a press conference, Bernanke received positive signals form Tarulla, Yellen and Dubely.

According to the Fed’s latest FOMC meeting, it is ready to release another round of quantitative reduction in a few months. Investors are looking for optimistic vibes for silver price because it is performing enormously better for last few days; particularly when the Fed (Federal Reserve System) is all set to implement the Fed’s quantitative easing policy (QE).

A point to be noted down here is that the bullish for silver is not possible without potential challenges, which have always come on the way. Hence, it is prerequisite to monitor the critical checkpoints for silver, especially in the situation when silver is stepping ahead because of climbing prices in upcoming months.

Because of persisting crisis in Europe, the global central banks are applying aggressive monetary stimulus measures. However, market participants are looking for a hard asset protection against the associated pricing instability and fiat currency debasement. Silver is one of the most important hard assets for investors, which is at present trading at $3.20.

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