Hotbeds of silver


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Silver is found in a lot of countries. However, some countries are very rich in silver compared to others. Their silver production scale is larger and there is no eminent threat to the silver production in these countries. Raw material analysts claim that currently Mexico and Peru are the prime hotbeds for producing silver. These two countries form the foundation of the world silver production.

Mexico as the hotbed for silver

Mexico surpassed even Peru in silver production in the year 2010. Silver production in Mexico has been steadily increasing and promises further growth.

Fresnillo is a prime player involved in silver production of Mexico. The Fresnillo mine is one of the largest silver mines in the world. The city has opened up the Saucito mine in 2011.

Mexico promises good returns from silver. It is a magnet for attracting more foreign interests, especially true in case of Canadian investors. It is estimated that more than $13 billion will be invested in silver between the years 2010 and 2011. A major portion of these investments will go towards improvements in the silver mining industry.

Peru as the hotbed for silver

Peru is a rich silver nation and extremely conducive for silver mining. The government backs and promotes silver mining in the country and is aware of its benefits. The recent downwards spiral in silver mining is believed to be caused by labour strikes, community clashes against miners and bureaucracy.

Volcan, a major mining player was involved in optimizing silver mining, which also led to decline in silver production. However, these efforts have been richly rewarded. In spite of the problems faced by the silver mining industry in Peru, it continues to attract healthy investments.

China as the hotbed for silver

China is the third largest producer of silver in the world. China has become a hotbed for silver not only because of its large silver production but also because of the huge market demand for silver. Silver is largely produced as a by product of other mining operations in China. However, as the demand in China for the white metal grows, this scenario is deemed to change.

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