Austria Celebrates Easter With Spring Lamb Silver Coin

One of the holiest Christian festivals, Easter, is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible. Easter was meant as a time of self-sacrifice and self-reflection and rang in the mission of salvation. The distinguished festival is marked by issuing special coins to tribute the occasion by many countries and mints worldwide.

The Austrian Mint observed Easter in 2016 by issuing a 5 euro silver coin featuring the famous painting Jungen Feldhase (“Young Field Hare”, 1502) by coveted Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. This year, it is reported that the mint has produced silver and copper Easter coins featuring a lamb. The motive set as Miracle of Life – Easter Lamb. Lambs are considered a symbol of rebirth and innocence, and they hold a revered emblematic value in cultures steeped in Christianity.

Obverse: The nine-sided coin featured with standard Austrian 5-euro coin obverse is engraved by Helmut Andexlinger, nine shields representing the nine federal provinces of the Republic of Austria. Among the two inscriptions, REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH encircles the coin’s core, while the word EURO is inscribed at the bottom and has lettered in the sans-serif font.

Reverse: The reverse foreground holds a lamb lying down amongst flowers and meadow grass and is rendered with a relief sculpture found on the stonework of St. Egidi, the parish church, in Styria. The coin also features the lamb holding a banner attached to a cross, which symbolises Jesus’ victory over death.

Edge: The silver and copper nine-sided 2017 coins are smooth-edged.

Coin Specifications: The year of issue is 2017, and the nominal value of the coin set at 5 euros. The coin is specially featured with a coin card and weights 8.41 g, a diameter of 28.50 mm, with an alloy of .925 Silver. The mintage limit set for the coin is 50,000. The designers for the OBV and REV are coveted coin designer Helmut Andexlinger and designed and engraver Herbert Wähner.

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