5 Incredible Uses of Silver

Credit: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The metal silver is mostly used to make coins or silverware, but many of us don’t know that silver is used in various things. Let us overview some of the fascinating things in which silver can be used.

  • Batteries

Silver is used in millions of batteries every year to produce silver oxidised batteries. These batteries are used to operate everything from hearing aids to mobile phones. They also last longer though they are a little bit expensive.

  • Water Purifiers

Silver is one of the most powerful water purifiers. Ions in silver kill the bacteria that are present in the water to purify it. In fact, NASA astronauts drink water in space which is purified by silver.

  • Electronics

Silver is a great conductor of electricity and is used in many electric devices like CDs, DVDs, Light switches, etc. In fact, most of the electronic devices today have silver in them.

  • Medicines

Silver is used in medicines, in water purifiers etc. Due to Its property to kill bacterias. Silver is used in treating burns, prosthetics, surgical needles & sutures, dental fluoride & fillings, and various other medicinal purposes.

  • Food

And lastly, silver is also used in food garnishing in many Asian countries to decorate sweets. An ultra-thin silver foil is used in this process which gives it an altogether different flavour.

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