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Donald Trump Presidency and Silver Prices

Donald Trump’s victory was an unexpected situation not only in the United States but to the entire world. As he progressed towards victory and when was declared President-Elect a shock wave came across the globe and to the global financial system, as just a day ago all the media reports and pre-polls had predicted the win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Silver and Gold Price Relationship

Credit: Flickr / Eric Golub / CC-BY 2.0

For many small investors, who prefer investments in precious metals this gray precious metal is preferred option over gold, for a simple reason – it’s the price. Similar to gold, it also fetches good returns when needed. Continue reading

Will Silver Prices Glitter Again in Near Future?

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Credit: Pixabay

From January this year silver prices were rising with a steep curve and were expected to continue to do so for a longer time or at least keep on rising. But post-July 2016, the prices of white metal have experienced tremendous volatility. Continue reading