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Speculations on Silver Prices – as “What is really Sky High”

silver coins

silver coins

Silver prices hitting $20 per ounce leave market speculating so as how much silver will rise in the year 2016. Due to the overall economic scenario in the world and especially after Brexit, silver has had double the percentage gain as compared to gold. Continue reading

Silver Prices Around The World Are Changing Mining Operations

Silver Bars

Silver Bars

The silver investment that most people make has been pretty stable, but people are getting concerned that they are not going to get the same returns they did at one time. Continue reading

China Emerging as Ruler of Silver and Gold Investment Market


Though the experts say that the current prices on precious metals are comparatively high than they used to be some years ago, current prices are sending shivers down everybody’s spine who want to buy silver or gold. But not the Chinese.

Continue reading

Comex Silver Stocks: Highest In Last 10 Years

According to the Reuters report, the U.S silver stocks hit the highest mark on April 16, 2012. A spokesperson at US exchange operator CME group that owns COMEX reached 284.28 million ounces on the day.

The analysts of the silver or precious metals market in general say that when people start preferring to get into Comex, it is because they don’t have a better option of dealing with the metal. Comex stocks become strong as a result of low premiums which indicate low global demand for the metal. Continue reading

Silver: An Industrial Metal

Though silver is one of the precious metals, it is also used as raw material in various industrial processes.

The world is now getting introduced to various industrial uses of silver every other day. Due to the newly found industrial processes, gadgets or appliances that require silver as a raw material make the demand for silver go higher and hence the prices.  Continue reading

Why Silver Prices Are Higher Than Ever?

Though silver is looked upon as secondary or a metal with lesser importance than gold, many people don’t know that silver is far more in demand for its industrial usage.

It is required for manufacturing of the latest technological gadgets right from DVDs to cellphone batteries, from motors and super-conductors to high-end microprocessors. Due to its industrial usage, the metal will always remain in high demand. Since the stocks or mines of this metal worldwide are comparatively less, the metal is rare to find.  And so, the metal’s prices will always go higher and higher. Continue reading

Prices on Silver Rise per Ounce!

Weak global economy has had negative effects on markets of almost every commodity. But, the market of silver, a commodity considered as one of the precious metals, is flourishing like never before!

Investors are looking at silver investments as safe haven. The global investment community is now relying more on silver investments than on any other type of investments. And so, the prices on silver have been raising high in the sky! Continue reading

Silver Prices to Climb up 300 percent in 5 years

Evaluating the reports of 5 years, it’s expected that the prices on silver will increase up to 300 percent. According to the latest report, silver prices are assumed to be jumping at 33.75 an ounce. Continue reading

Tips For Silver Jewellery Online Business

Today’s fashion trends show that silver jewelry is highly in demand, much more than the gold jewelry. Considering the fact that the prices on silver are far less than those on gold, silver jewelry is sure to hypnotize the world for many years more, say the experts in silver and fashion industry.

And hence, silver jewelry business is going to yield attractive returns and success. Continue reading