Silver Prices

Silver Prices
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Silver ETFs

iShares Silver Trust Fund

The iShares Silver Trust Fund is a type of the Exchange Traded Fund. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange with a symbol of SLV. Its main objective is to reflect the value of silver at any given time. more information

ProShares Ultra Silver

Classified by the Commodity Exchange Act as a commodity pool, ProShares Ultra Silver AGQ was introduced by ProShares on December 1, 2008. As a leveraged silver ETF consisting of futures and contracts, it strives to provide on a single day, twice the daily performance of a silver bullion as measured on the U.S dollar for delivery in London. more information

ETFS Physical Silver Shares

The ETFS Physical Silver Shares is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and epitomized as SIVR. SIVR provides investors an easy, cost-efficient and a safe means to access the actual silver market. SIVR offers buyers equivalent returns as reflected in the movements of the current spot price. more information

Proshares ultrashort silver

Proshares ultrashort silver (zsl), a double inverse etf introduced by proshares, strives to provide an opposite investment result on a single day which is twice the inverse of the daily performance of a silver bullion as measured on the u.s dollar for delivery in london. theoretically, if there is a 5% drop in the price of silver, zsl stands to gain 10% rise in the price. more information

PowerShares DB Silver Fund

The PowerShares DB Silver Fund, a type of the Exchange Transfer Fund, is represented by the symbol of DBS. Based on the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index - Optimum Yield Silver Excess Return. It is managed by DB Commodity Services LLC. The future contract on silver defines the returns. more information