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NanoMarkets reports predict Revenues from Silver Powders and Flakes to zoom to $300 million by 2016

According to a report analyzed by NanoMarkets, Silver powder and flakes will possibly be substituted by silver nano powders and flakes as they are less negatively impacted by the soaring price of silver. Although the market for silver nano powders and flakes is still very much in the promising stage, it is expected to grow 85% annual to $300 million in 2016. However, the report also emphasized that the crucial business development is yet to be done to persuade potential customers into changing their thought processes. Also, it is important that customers are provided with results on real savings for customers. READ MORE »

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It’s been a remarkable rise so far, but for coding bootcamps to become mainstream they must prove that the outcomes they advertise are real. In 2012 coding bootcamps began offering courses...
A homeowner in Kostolne Kracany in the district of Dunajska Streda in Western Slovakia found a unique treasure on his property that he will receive a reward for. The lucky finder discovered 312 silver...
(Source: Sprott Physical Silver Trust) TORONTO, June 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sprott Asset Management LP ('Sprott' or the 'Manager'), on behalf of the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (NYSE:PSLV)...
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