Monthly Archives: November 2016

Donald Trump Presidency and Silver Prices

Donald Trump’s victory was an unexpected situation not only in the United States but to the entire world. As he progressed towards victory and when was declared President-Elect a shock wave came across the globe and to the global financial system, as just a day ago all the media reports and pre-polls had predicted the win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Silver and Gold Price Relationship

Credit: Flickr / Eric Golub / CC-BY 2.0

For many small investors, who prefer investments in precious metals this gray precious metal is preferred option over gold, for a simple reason – it’s the price. Similar to gold, it also fetches good returns when needed. Continue reading

South African Mint to Produce its First Silver Krugerrand

Video updated May 2017.

South Africa has always been enjoying the huge precious metal deposits in its soil. Also, it has been a world-leader in the international gold coin market for quite some time now. The South African Gold Krugerrand was the first modern bullion coin available in the global market for trade in 1967. Continue reading