Monthly Archives: February 2012

Prices on Silver Rise per Ounce!

Weak global economy has had negative effects on markets of almost every commodity. But, the market of silver, a commodity considered as one of the precious metals, is flourishing like never before!

Investors are looking at silver investments as safe haven. The global investment community is now relying more on silver investments than on any other type of investments. And so, the prices on silver have been raising high in the sky! Continue reading

Colorado Senators to Legalise Silver Currency

According to the Colorado State Senators, a bill is in process where silver as well as its counterpart, gold will be legalised for currency uses. Copying alike provision, other 12 states along with Utah is trying to do the same. Continue reading

Additional Efforts By China To Build A Future In Commodity Market

Though 2011 showed comparatively low future for silver and gold, the new year has optimistic future and options for Chinese investors.

China, the biggest consumer of diverse commodities, has triggered its efforts to strengthen its pricing power which will eventually shake commodity prices in the international market and change the trends. Continue reading

Silver Prices to Climb up 300 percent in 5 years

Evaluating the reports of 5 years, it’s expected that the prices on silver will increase up to 300 percent. According to the latest report, silver prices are assumed to be jumping at 33.75 an ounce. Continue reading