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Great Opportunity to Buy Silver ETFs

silver bullion bar

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As a result of the recent sell-off, the silver prices dropped down $30 an ounce. In the wake of the collapse of a commodities broker,  MF global, investors are more interested in cash. Many believe that fears of deflation and Europe’s debt crisis have enormously influenced the white metal. Some investors believe that it is a great time to invest in silver. Continue reading

Year 2012 To See Silver Shine Brighter

The year 2011 was pretty turbulent for precious metals. Still, analysts predict that gold and silver prices will go high in 2012 as both the shimmering metals are regaining their status as safe havens for investments and an alternative to bonds and funds.
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After ECB Announcement Silver Prices Cut Down

As a result of persisting anxiety in European capital markets, silver prices fell on September 8th, 2011. This was noticeable after a positive US economic data and a stronger greenback that marked dropping in silver prices a bit extravagantly. According to the report, silver prices dropped $0.85, down to $31.66 per ounce, a remarkable decline of 2.61%. Continue reading

Silver Prices Poised For Flight

Silver prices are considered to be the most volatile, with sudden highs and lows. The current trend shows that investor sentiment is once again turning positive towards this metal. Money is slowly pouring in as hedge funds, and traders are again coming back to this volatile metal. Continue reading