Monthly Archives: January 2012

Silver Prices Jump as EU States Agree on Ban in All Trade with Iran

Gold, silver and prices on other precious metals rose on the news of EU sanctioning a gradual ban on Iran oil and all trade in diamonds, gold, silver and petrochemicals with the Iranian Central Bank. The measures also imply a ban on delivery of new coins and banknotes to Iran. Continue reading

Will Silver ETFs Lose their Shine in 2012?

With lots of speculations going in the market, investors are confused about the future of silver ETFs. They are presuming that the prices of silver and silver ETFs will slug down because of the ongoing alterations in the global market. Continue reading

Tips For Silver Jewellery Online Business

Today’s fashion trends show that silver jewelry is highly in demand, much more than the gold jewelry. Considering the fact that the prices on silver are far less than those on gold, silver jewelry is sure to hypnotize the world for many years more, say the experts in silver and fashion industry.

And hence, silver jewelry business is going to yield attractive returns and success. Continue reading

Turkey – A Hotbed For Silver

Most of the world’s silver is produced¬† from Mexico and Peru. While these are the two countries that are accountable for the vast majority of silver, there are economies that have not been tapped to their full potential. One such economy is ‘Turkey’. Silver mining in Turkey adds up some interesting prospects to the silver market. Continue reading