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Silver to Regain its Lost Significance by an Increase up to 25%

Native silver

Credit: Teravolt at English Wikipedia

Like other commodities, the prices of the silver drop at first but regain their value in the market. The silver price has dropped more than 37% since April 2011. However, it is in the path of recovery after up to 28% of the drop in the last month. Continue reading

Precious Metals Prices See Downfall

silver bars

Credit: Dnn87 / CC-BY SA 3.0

The near future of precious metals such as silver and gold seems cloudy. Prices on these shiny metals are declining as a result of the dollar’s rally. The dollar went up high by 6% last month, and at the same time, gold fell by 11%.

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Why silver coins will remain a valuable asset in the future

Ancient Greek Silver Coin (Dekadrachm), about 400 B.C.E.

Ancient Greek Silver Coin (Dekadrachm), about 400 B.C.E. Credit: Flickr / PD Photo

Silver coins have been valued throughout the centuries. Earlier, the coins were made from pure silver, while the coins minted in the later centuries inevitably have some alloy mixed in the silver. This makes vintage silver coins more precious and rare, adding to their net worth. The more rare and scarce it is, the more is its monetary value.

Some industry analysts believe that the depleting resources of silver will raise the silver coin prices even higher. Various prices come into view that affects the prices of silver coins. A tottering economy, global economic turmoil make silver coins attractive options for their investment portfolio. Not only is it a precious metal but also a metal used for commercial use.

The use of silver coins as a monetary currency is halted as the silver mines grow small. As a result, the prices of silver coins keep on soaring. So investors who have silver coins in their investment portfolio might do really well soon.

Silver Price to Average $38/oz in 2012

Silver, also known as poor man’s gold, is expected to go down in terms of price, but Bart Melek, head of the commodity strategy for TD Securities, said that he doesn’t hope it will hit a record of lower price. Continue reading