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Sliver Price falls in the United States

On 22nd June, 2012, the prices on silver in the United States dropped 3.1 percent to $26.72 per ounce influencing the daily precious metals index. Silver prices in India fell 1.7 percent to INR 52, 972($940) per kilogram.

Silver price in Japan declined 1 percent to JPY 702.00($8.77) per 10 grams. The prices on silver in China descended CNY 5,910($928) after two days of falls. Continue reading

Advantages of Buying Silver

Buying silver is anytime more preferable compared to other metals such as gold and platinum due to its relative cheapness which allows you to buy more of the metal.

Moreover, while inflation will depreciate the value of paper currencies, it will escalate the value of hard currencies such as silver. The present economic crisis is presenting a story of devaluation of currencies which holds true for U.S. dollar as well. The value of dollar today in terms of purchasing power, may not be the same in the near future. Continue reading

Silver Prices Could Soar Drastically

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There seem to be good times ahead for silver investors. Europe is making efforts to ease out debt. Even US is showing economic growth with employment in the US showing a positive trend. These conditions are favourable for the silver market. Continue reading