Silver Prices Poised For Flight

Silver prices are considered to be the most volatile, with sudden highs and lows. The current trend shows that investor sentiment is once again turning positive towards this metal. Money is slowly pouring in as hedge funds, and traders are again coming back to this volatile metal.

The year 2010 saw volatile changes in the silver market. Many silver investors had to sell off their holdings at low prices to meet short term needs. Statistics show that silver has performed remarkably well consequently after its low periods. During this period returns up to 40 % has been reached.

India and China have always been a strong market for this metal. As these Asian economies strengthen, silver investments may reap incredible profits. Western economies are facing massive debts and liabilities.  Their economies now seek gold and silver as real money. So this is the right time to add silver investments to your portfolio and turn bullish on the silver market.

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