Ways to Invest in Silver

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There are four ways to invest in silver – ETFs, Futures, Physical, and Stocks. The following article describes each of them in detail. Always consider silver investment, as it is more profitable.

1. Silver ETFs
Currently, an exchange-traded fund has become popular among investors leading to silver investment. This creates room for low expenses, as it does away with physical storage complexities. There are various silver ETFs for investors, including iShares Silver Trust, PowerShares DB Silver, ISE Junior Silver ETF and Physical Silver Shares. Also, there are inverse and leveraged silver ETFs like ZSL (2x daily short) and AGO (2x daily long).

2. Silver Futures
They are traded under SI ticker on the COMEX division of NYMEX. Usually, contracts stand for 5,000 troy ounces of these precious metals, always priced in U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Trading is always conducted after two calendar months – January, March, May, and September falling within a 23-month period. Any July and December falling within a 60-month period beginning with the current month. Extra resources on silver futures include Silver Market Recap, Trading Hours, Fee schedule, NYMEX Rulebook and Real-Time Quotes.

3. Physical silver
Even though the silver price is lower than the gold price, silver metal has a constant high value-to-weight ratio. You can purchase silver coins or silver bar in several ways, including the trade show and web-based bullion dealer. Investors can also access physical silver through exchange-traded funds. One can also store silver bars in secured vaults such as SIVR and SLV.

4. Silver stocks
Investors can invest in stocks of well-established companies that deal in the discovery and mining of precious metals. The stock exhibit a positive match with silver prices, as the profit of silver miners highly depends on their goods’ market price. Various publicly traded companies focus mainly on silver, including First Majestic Silver Corp (AG) and Silver Wheaton Corporation (SLW).

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