Gold and Silver Investing

silver coins

Credit: Flickr / Sprott Money / CC-BY 2.0

Gold and silver are valuable metals that are worth investing in. Gold is the only money that has been used by humans for 5,000 years and has never failed. It has and always will be revalued to account for all excess amount of currency in circulation. Silver metal is considered a miracle metal and is second to oil as the most valuable commodity on Earth.

Gold and silver are both great forms of money and have always been safe investments in times of crisis. Gold and silver investment is essential as silver inventories are at a low level. There is enough gold on Earth to give every single 1/3 of an ounce and only enough silver to give everybody 1/14 of an ounce. Gold and silver prices are as affordable as ever and are worth the money and investment.

Gold is currently worth about 1 million dollars, while silver is only worth about $77. While cheap, silver investment is a great idea and incredibly worthwhile. Silver is not only used for money but also has nearly thousands of industrial uses as well. It’s considered the most electrically conductive, thermally conductive and reflective metal on the planet with no known substitutes.

Silver will eventually be almost as valuable as gold, and any investment made in both metals will be advantageous. Only time will tell the pay off of gold and silver investments, but the metals themselves will always remain valuable and useful resources no matter the stock price. They’re also two of a few stable and worthwhile stocks in the market, remaining at a reasonable and valuable price for as long as both metals and considered valuable. There’s still enough time to invest in both gold and silver, so you plan your investment.

Choose to invest in gold and silver. If you intend to safeguard yourself and your family due to hyperinflation, your best option would be buying more gold and silver coins and bullion. So the current silver prices for the silver coins, American Eagle uncirculated, start at about $18.43. Silver bars 5 grams begin at prices around $3.90. Some of the best gold products are American Gold Eagle coins, Krugerrand Gold coins, 1 oz. Gold Bar, Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold coins. The choice silver products are the American Silver Eagle, Junk Silver coins, 1 oz. Silver rounds and the 100 oz. Silver bars.

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