Architectural Marvels Coined In The UK

In 2014 the Royal Mint began honouring architectural marvels throughout the United Kingdom with a commemorative silver coin release. The first release portrayed the time-piece Big Ben and is reported to have sold out in 11 days. This year the Royal Mint issued the second coin of a 100# silver coin featuring a portrayal of Buckingham Palace.

According to the Royal Mint online, the portrayal of the royal family residence was chosen from that of Gwyn Davies and Laura Clancy. The silver coin comes with a brief history of Buckingham Palace, which dates back to the regimes of King George III and King George IV. Sources note Queen Victoria was the first Sovereign to reside there and was fully renovated before World War I in 1914.

The silver metal used to mint this coin is said to be among the purest type (999), and each coin is said to be 2oz of silver. The Royal Mint has classified this coin as a limited edition and made 50,000 coins available for purchase. The allowed amounts are 10 per household. The product code assigned is UK15101P #100.00.

Online silver prices for an ounce of 999 silver makes this coin worth a fraction of its purchase price. As a silver investment, experts are cautious regarding the long-term return. Its audience could well be devoted royalists, anglophiles, gifted to children, grandchildren or others with rare coin collecting interest. Described as “brilliant” in appearance, this commemorative coin is part of a series. Other architectural marvels throughout the United Kingdom are anticipated to be featured on subsequently released coins. These are not intended for everyday usage but as collectables. Positive sentiments view this coin to display Britishness, British life, the royal family home and foremost, the nation’s palace, which opened to the public in 1993.

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