A New Volcano Coin with Mt Vesuvius’ Lava

Following the Erta Ale volcano of Ethiopia, the Mint of Poland has issued two-ounce silver coins. This is the second release during the ongoing volcano series of silver investment. The coin features an inlay of the actual lava oozing from Mount Vesuvius.

It also includes the mountain itself (Mount Vesuvius) and Italy. Mt Vesuvius, located in Pompeii city, is widely known for the infamous deadly eruptions that killed at least 1600 people. Thereafter, the volcano has had mild eruptions. The volcano is considered the deadliest volcanoes as it is situated at the heart of the densely populated city of Pompeii. The new coin is now available in First Coin firm for those who want to make pre-orders. A pre-order goes for $249.90, and the shipping is expected to be done at the end of the month. The coin has a total mintage limit of 688 pieces.

At the obverse of the new coin is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The centre design features a convex, high relief rendering of Mount Vesuvius amidst eruption with red lava flowing towards the surrounding Pompeii city. In addition, the obverse includes the inscriptions, Volcano Vesuvius-Pompeii, Elizabeth II, Niue Island and Ag 999. The concave reverse of the coin resembles an open mouth of a volcano whose lava inlay is at the centre. The diameter of the coin measures 50 mm. It comes with a certificate of authenticity coupled with a presentation box made from wood.

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