Celebrating Holiday Spirit With 2017 Silver Christmas Coins

Christmas is just around the corner, and for several mints, both major and smaller production houses, it’s time to unveil coins to celebrate the occasion.

Holiday-themed coins, silver Christmas rounds, and bars can make a wonderful Christmas gift. Here are some of the 2017 Silver Christmas coins that collectors should look out for this holiday season.

1. Perth Mint of Australia

Australia’s Perth Mint adds to the holiday cheer making a vibrant Christmas gift. This mint series is quite sought after, and the launch of the 2017 $1 Christmas Star-shaped (31.135 g) 1oz silver is worth a buy. The distinctive 40.60mm Australian dollar .9999 fine is set at a mintage of 3,000. It has a fascinating colourful portrayal of a snow-covered log cabin, donned in Christmas lights, and has an ideal finishing touch.

2. Royal Canadian Mint $50 Holiday Splendour Coin

Royal Canadian Mint has a wide range of Christmas and Holiday season issues, and collectors can look out for the 157.6 g (5 oz) .9999 fine silver proof 2018. The coin is designed by the Canadian artist Marie-Élaine Cusson. And, the coin is beautifully blended with the Murano glass poinsettia. The mintage is set at 1,500, and is 65.25mm in diameter, and has a face value of 50 dollars.

3. MDM Muenzhandelsgesellschaft Christmas coins

The MDM Muenzhandelsgesellschaft has in recent years presented with Christmas coins depicting snowmen, angels, and Rudolph. The coin courtesy of Samoa is featured with 8.75 g cupronickel, 32.5 mm, 2018-dated half dollar angels, and the mintage is set at 10,000 per piece.

4. Royal Mint’s Christmas tree-themed coin

How about a festive tree design that is heavily decorated as a collectable or a Christmas present? The Royal Mint presents a Christmas coin capturing the very essence of the festive occasion with a Christmas tree design for its £5 coin. Printmaker and engraver Edwina Ellis has intricately captured baubles, candy canes, stars on the coin, a 38.61mm, and 28.28 g cupronickel.

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