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The downfall of silver

Credit: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The bubble of silver seems to have finally burst. Silver prices fell steeply on Monday, reflecting the panic of the investors. Silver, along with gold, no longer seems a secure haven against the economic turmoil in the world today. Continue reading

Are we heading towards ‘Great Recession 2.0’?

PD Photo / US Department of Treasury

The slowdown of economic growth in the US and China, along with the mountain of debt in the Eurozone, has the global economy tottering on the edge of a recession similar to the one in 2008. Similar circumstances have elicited panic, driving down global markets. However, the precious metals gold and silver showed gains, though the performance of silver was not as impressive as of gold. Compared to last year, the demand for gold increased by 3.23 %, while that of silver increased by 1.85. The less demand for silver is a possible indicator for the slackened demand for silver for industrial purposes. Continue reading