25th Anniversary of Silver Maple Leaf

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Credit: PD Photo

The five-coin fractional set with Mint’s Silver Maple Leaf bullion was first minted in 1988 and celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Since its debut, the silver coin has been issued every year by the Royal Canadian Mint from one troy ounce (31.1 grams) of 99.99% fine silver.

The coins beautiful maple engraving, $5 face value and purity have made it the most popular bullion globally. It holds the highest face value as compared to any other silver bullion. The tradition of minting the finest bullion will continue with each of the silver coins from the fractional set struck from 99.99% of pure silver. However, these coins will feature a reverse proof finish instead of the standard bullion finish.

This fractional set has not been issued since 2004. The latest set will be issued in 2013. Canadian artist Arnold Nogy designed the reverse side of the silver coin. The reverses feature two small sugar maple leaves that overlap at the bottom lobes of one leaf. The obverse side features a portrait effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait is designed by artist Susanna Blunt to the portrait’s likeness as appeared on the bullion in 1988. Observe inscriptions will include ELIZABETH II,’1988′ and ‘2013’. It will also include the legal tender face value of the coin.

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