Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures 2015 on Silver Coin

Coin collectors and investors in silver have been awaiting a special edition item that has finally been released. The Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures coin is a popular and spectacular item and is minted as a 5-ounce, 99.9% silver proof coin. Only 1000 of the coins have been released by Perth Mint, Australia, for the nation of Tuvalu, under whose authority the $5 coin has been declared legal tender.

The detailed design looks stunning in high relief and features four mythical creatures representing the Chinese Lunar Zodiac or the Four Celestial Palaces. As silver prices are poised to go up, this design depicts each of the creatures in all silver, in no colour: the White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Blue Dragon and Black Tortoise. Together, the creatures bring strength, wealth, wisdom and good luck. They surround a Ying and Yang. The reverse bears an effigy of Her Majesty, with the inscription “Elizabeth II FIVE DOLLARS TUVALU 2015”.

The 12.5mm thick coin comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Because of the small number minted and the general low supply of silver, this coin will sell out and become a worthy trade as a silver investment. The price of oil recently crashed, and the financial market is poised for another crash. Silver is currently in a smaller supply than gold, and the price of silver should jump in 2015.

The coin is available through the Perth Mint website and priced for serious investors at AUS 440.91 or US $342.02.

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