Caring for Silver Effectively

Silver pieces in one’s home are often treasured throughout generations. For this reason, taking good care of silver pieces will help them last longer and therefore be able to be passed on through the family. It is vital that if a silver investment is made, it is also properly taken care of. To keep silver looking brand new, whether it be silver coins, silver flatware, silver jewellery, or silver platters, one must follow important steps.

Silver should be hand-washed gently. This should be done with unscented dish soap that is also phosphate-free. Silver should not come in direct contact with metal, so caution should be used when cleaning in a metal sink.

If a silver investment is made, it should be polished by hand. Using alternatives such as chemical dips or machines can dull or damage silver. To hand polish silver coins, cotton gloves should be worn while rubbing a paste polish on the silver that is low-abrasive and low-ammonia. Use either cotton balls or a sponge. All of the polish needs to be rinsed off of the silver with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth made of cotton.

Silver tends to tarnish if it is exposed to air. Silver must be wrapped in cloth and put into an airtight container between uses. The less silver tarnishes, the less it has to be cleaned and polished. If storing flatware, it should be individually wrapped, each piece laid side by side, so they are not touching or damaging each other.

Great results for storing silver can come from using a treated flannel cloth. It is important to avoid using plastic or rubber bands to store silver, as they can cause tarnish and discolouration that can be very difficult to clean.

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