Sales of Silver and Gold Coins Make New Records in the United States Market

silver coins

Credit: Pixabay

The United States Mint Company specialising in silver coins and gold coins increased at a higher rate. The gold coins increased at 30% per month as silver made history in the exchange market.

The American Eagle Mint company managed to make a sale of 97,000 ounces of gold coins in November. The sales made an impressive increment as compared to last month. The sales also marked a 62% increase in gold coins sales when compared to last year. This year gold coins attracted buyers who bought the coins in large quantity.

The recent decrease in gold prices marked the demands of gold coins. The price of gold coins has dropped remarkably in the last six years. Many investors and gold coins traders were expecting an increase in interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve.

Demands for the American silver coins have also been higher due to the stable silver investments in the United States. The silver coins sales have increased on an annual basis managing an estimate of 44.67 million regarding ounces. In 2014, the recorded annual record of silver coins regarding ounces was 44 million. This year marked an increase of 0.67 million ounces.

An increment of 27% sales of silver coins was noted as a comparison of November 2014 to November 2015 was made.

Gold investors and traders feared an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve due to an increased cost of managing the non-invested gold.

The increased amount of buying happened due to a drop in the silver prices in the coins exchange market. Low prices led to increased demand for silver coins, and as a result, the Mint was forced to do allocations of the coins every week.

In conclusion, The United States Mint Company has made greater contributions to gold and silver coins investment in the market industry. The trade of these coins helps raise the economy.


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