Record Growth in Silver Coin Purchases a Sign of Impeding Financial Trouble

silver coins

Credit: Pixabay

While most people aren’t aware of it, a rise in demand across the world for silver coins is a warning sign that some potentially serious problems are going to hit the financial system. Investors from everywhere are coming to the realization that there is something wrong with the stock markets and the financial industry in general, which has pushed them to stock up on physical silver and gold coins at a fast rate.

The numbers for silver coin sales don’t lie. Anyone following the industry closely will see that there has been a rather surprising growth in the sale of coins as a silver investment from June to September 2015. Dealers have responded to this demand by stocking up. In fact, some are now procuring a lot more silver than gold from their suppliers. This rise in popularity of silver investment isn’t something that is limited to small-time buyers either. Affluent clients are buying silver in bulk as well.

The demand for official silver coins has been growing in the last couple of years. Projections for 2015 show that 130 million ounces of silver will be sold during the year. Sales of official coins have seen a dramatic surge right after the 2008 financial crisis hit the United States in 2008.

Growth in silver investment isn’t entirely a new phenomenon either. Many savvy investors have seen that paper currency has the potential to become increasingly worthless and have made the jump to something that is considered to be a lot more sound. It all began back in the ’60s, when silver was removed from US coinage and the country has sought to sell off a large portion of its physical silver reserve. Investors seeking to protect their wealth know the importance of physical coins in unpredictable financial markets.

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