French Coins – The Sower Collection of 2016

The Sower 2016 is a pattern on French coins that Oscar Roty designed in 1887. In 1896, when the French Minister of Finance ordered a new coin, this particular coin that Roty designed was chosen. 1896 was the premier debut for this speciality coin. Since 2002, this particular coin has been considered a valuable collector coin and is an excellent investment in silver.

The entire theme of Roty’s Sower is a contemporary theme that includes the twelve stars of the European flag. What makes these particular coins so valuable is that these coins are made out of silver and gold. The silver prices fit the scale and vary year to year.

The Sower collection of 2016 was relaunched by Monnaie de Paris, which celebrates the coins and the historical context of this time period, such as the end of the Franc. Other historical events that these exhibits celebrate include the abolition of the death penalty, the vote of the law defining secularism, the anniversary of the Fifth Republic, the celebration of the European Court of Human Rights, and the New Franc’s anniversary.

The current anniversary that this collection is celebrating is the 1,150th anniversary. This new anniversary is welcomed with a new theme of the Monnaie de Paris, which celebrates seven years of the most significant coins in French history. Some of the time periods celebrated include the high middle ages, the late middle ages, the Renaissance, the 17th century, the French Revolution, the first empire, and the fifth republic. All of these periods in France mark both scientific and technological innovations currently used in the present day.

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