Silver: The Gold of the Future

The price of silver in the market isn’t an accurate representation of the profitability of silver as a viable long-term investment. The silver prices are fluctuating since 2011.

To fairly analyze the future of silver, various changes are taking place now that will positively impact silver prices in the future. Silver investment may be the best investment of today.

Over the past year, there is a rise in silver sales, especially the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. Silver supply is showing a deficit globally, with production declining up to 30%. The use of silver in industrial application is increasing. Silver is used in producing many electronic devices, including computers and cell phones, solar photovoltaic cells.

Silver has a multitude of uses in the health care industry due to its antibiotic properties. It remains popular in treatments to combat infections for severely burned patients. Demand for silver is increasing as research increases to combat infection in a world becoming antibiotic-resistant. Silver can be used in water filters as a low-cost way to purify the water. As the global community works to bring clean water to the deepest remote areas of the world, demand is increasing for silver to make clean water a reality for these areas.

As stocks become, more unsettled the precious metal market becomes increasingly attractive. With the turmoil of the political elections looming on the horizon, the uncertainty in the market will continue with investors questioning the future. The volatile market will drive silver prices higher, making it a safe long-term investment choice. Decreased silver production with increased demand in the market, silver prices could ultimately overtake Gold prices in the market. Silver has been second to Gold for too long, and with gains in demand and popularity, silver could be the Gold of the future.

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