Leading Silver Mining Companies in the World

The precious metal prices were bottomed in the year 2015, and this year there is a huge surge in silver prices and the speculations are the prices will continue to rise by another 25% or more by the year 2018.

With all these scenarios more investors are attracted towards silver as well as investment in the stocks of the silver companies. Along with jewellery silver has a wide variety of industrial uses such as dentistry, electrical contacts, water filtration, solar panels and medical instruments hence the demand is on the continuous rise.

Successful silver companies are the ones which are not necessarily the top silver miners. Following are few worlds’ leading silver companies –

Silver Wheaton Corporation is one of the most successful silver companies and it is due to its unique business model. It is not directly engaged in the exploration or silver mines. The company invests in the production of other silver mining companies through long-term purchase agreements. This business model has made Silver Wheaton ‘the silver mining company with the largest amount of proven and probable silver reserves in the world.’

First Majestic Silver Corporation is engaged in the exploration and production of silver, and also in the acquisition of existing silver mines. Though the company is relatively small it holds excellent growth prospects. As of December 2015, it owns five mines and has future plans of three other silver mining projects. Its silver production has grown rapidly from approximately 2 million ounces in 2006 to approximately 13 million ounces in 2015.

Pan American Silver Corporation is engaged in the production of silver mining properties throughout Mexico and South America. It has an exclusive focus on silver production; it also sells gold, copper, and zinc discovered along the way. They are the sixth-largest silver producer worldwide and hold the fourth-largest silver reserves. The company has lowered production costs by approximately $2 per ounce just between 2014 and 2015.

Endeavour Silver Corporation is a small-cap silver mining company. Based in Canada, the company acquires, explores, develops and produces silver and gold mining properties located in Chile and Mexico. It has expansion programs at operating mines are projected to put the company on the list of top worldwide silver producers in the near future.

Hecla Mining Company is one of the oldest silver and gold mining company. Established in 1891 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It is ranked as one of the leading low-cost silver mining companies. It has silver mines in Idaho and Alaska, and is also becoming a significant gold producer due to its mining operation in Quebec, Canada.

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