The Largest Silver Coin in The World – 1,750 oz Silver Elephant Coin

The largest silver coin in the world is minted by the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH in co-operation with Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH. This has a limited mintage of only 15 coins with Serial numbers from 001 to 015.

It is 650 mm (25.59 inches) in diameter, 1.000.000 Francs CFA, 1.750 ounces ( 54.425 kgs / 120 pounds) – a giant made of .999 fine silver. Every coin is a unique specimen with an antique-finish look and is manufactured on request as it has an extreme elaborate production process. The complete design and finishing are hand-carved and not machine minted, making it unique in its own way. This handcrafted coin doesn’t carry any mint mark.

The decorative design of this coin shows the biggest land mammal on earth – the African Elephant. The Loxodonta Africana, or the African Bush Elephant, standing tall with its majestic tusks. The French lettering \LE MONDE ANIMAL EN PERIL\ meaning “The Animal World In Peril” and the Latin name of the animal surround the African elephant’s image. On the obverse side inscribed – the year of issue 2016, the weight of 1.750 ounces, the used precious metal, the logo of the manufacturing company LEV and the respective issue number (from 001 to 015).

Additionally, on the reverse side, there is the coat of arms of the country of the issue – the Ivory Coast. Also, this side shows the nominal value of 1 million Francs CFA (1.000.000). This 120-pound coin has an astounding piece of art and comes with a mounted display stand, which is specially crafted to hold the weight of this impressive coin.

Oklahoma-based APMEX, Inc., the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals, recently sold this world’s largest Silver coin – the 2016 Ivory Coast 1,750 oz Silver Elephant Coin. APMEX VIP Specialist Paul Stevens sold this coin on September 9. The purchasers said they are excited to add this beautiful, unique heavyweight coin to their ever-growing collection.

Along with the purchase of this big unique coin, one small portrait of this giant \Elephant in Danger\ in 1 oz fine silver within a blister certificate is given free of cost. This silver coin has an extra certificate along as well. The coin is packed within a stele made of dark precious wood, steel, and acrylic glass, so it is ideal for presentation as a precious gift.

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