‘America the Beautiful Quarters’ 2017 Coins Designs Released by US Mint

‘America the Beautiful Quarters are a series of 25-cent coins issued by the United States Mint since 2010 and will be minted till 2021; it can get extended up to 2032 if decided by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The year 2017 is the eighth year of unique coin designs to honour national parks and other national sites in the country—the mint issues five of such coins per year. On September 1st, the company released final designs for their 2017-dated America the Beautiful Quarters® and companion America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins™. These are the 36th through 40th of the total 56 quarter-dollar coins scheduled.

All the coins in this series feature a common obverse side (heads side) with the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan, which was restored to bring out precise details and the beauty of the original portrait used for the 1932 Washington Quarter. The honorees of the 2017 America the Beautiful Quarters® Program are Effigy Mounds National Monument (Iowa), Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (DC), Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO), Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty National Monument) (NJ), and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (IN). These new designs will appear on the reverse side (tail side) of the coins.

The Former Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, selected the above sites to be honoured for the coins. This was done in consultation with the governor or other chief executives of each host jurisdiction and former Secretary of the Interior, Kenneth Salazar. This was carried out per the authorising legislation and the pre-laid site selection process.

These new quarter-dollar coins include America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set™, America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™, 100-coin America the Beautiful Quarters bags and America the Beautiful Quarters multi-roll sets. The United States Mint will also mint and issue unique silver bullion coins, duplicates of each America the Beautiful Quarters. The bullion coins are made of .999 fine silver, have a diameter of three inches and weigh five ounces. The fineness and weight are edge-incused on the bullion coins. The United States Mint is issuing these coins under the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin™ Program.

For the people who want to invest in silver, the “America the Beautiful Quarters Bulk Purchase Program” provides an option of buying these coins in volume – directly from the United States Mint.

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