Palau’s two new precious coins shaped like a Sand Dollar

Are you looking for the popular tourist souvenirs, the Sand dollars? The sand dollar is a sun-bleached skeleton of a particular type of sea urchin. The island nation of Palau has created dollar coins, which are in the shape of sand dollars, inclusive of lunules, which are the holes that help the creatures stay on the sandy bottom. The sandy bottom is where the creature also feeds itself.

On March 7, Coin Invest Trust, a Private firm, issued a Proof .999 fine silver dollar and an Uncirculated .9999 fine gold dollar. Both of these coins are numismatic memorials shaped like the celebrated sand dollar. The national side of the silver edition embellishes a novel maritime motif with a mermaid and is minted with ‘Smart Minting’ technology.

Each of the obverses is depicted with the image of a mermaid with two dolphins and some other fish. On the top of the coin is inscribed the ‘Republic of Palau’. The obverse also features the year of issue (2017), the nominal value ($1), and the inscription SAND DOLLAR.

The reverse side is featured with the skeleton of the sea urchin. It is convex, like the surface of a sand dollar. The gold version has five lunules featured on the concave obverse. It has five-pointed stars, which also has five cut-out holes.

The silver coin weighs around 31.1 grams and measures 50 millimetres in diameter. The gold coin weighs around 1 gram and reportedly measures 13.92 millimetres in diameter. The mintage limit for both coins is set at 2,017 pieces. The coins come in a decorative box having a certificate of authenticity from the Republic of Palau.

The sand dollar is also known as ‘Galleta de mar’. The biscuit of the sea is also a symbol of an alternative economic system. The International Society reportedly uses it for Ecological Economics. So, for souvenir sand dollar-seekers, these two new coins are definitely something to look out for.

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