Silver Markets Drive Down As Americans Come on Board

The silver markets reportedly dropped initially as the Americans came on board during the trading hours recently as the markets continue to spiral.

But, experts believe that the white metal would find support just below at the $14.50 level.

Silver is considered volatile, and so the fall would not be a surprise as the US dollar picked up some strength. Experts also believe that there are buyers near $14.30 level underneath. So, though the market continues to be erratic, experts believe that $15 would be a target to look forward to for silver traders. And, this target would take some time to achieve.

The market would reportedly rally significantly if the US dollar saw some weakness. And, if broken down below the $14.30 level, then the white metal could touch the $14.25 level or even lower than that. As the white metal is extremely risk-sensitive, headlines could cause issues in the market. It is advised to keep the position size small and build the position as it works out in favour. In the context of shorting, experts cite that buyers are still underneath looking to pick up value in near future.

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