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Changing Facet of the Precious Metal – Silver Usage


Silver a precious metal also called as white metal has been known from the early days of evolution of human being. The well-known usage of silver was mainly for jewellery and as currency in the form of coins, ingots, and bars in early days. But in the industrial age, this has changed and the primary usage of this precious metal is in industries now. Continue reading

Silver Prices Trend in the Year 2016 and the Controlling Factors

Silver coins

Silver coins

Silver, a precious metal and also very much valued in the industries due its peculiar properties. Silver is also having high demand among investors due very high fluctuations in the world economy. Continue reading

Silver Investment On The Rise

Silver Bullion

Since 2005, precious metals like silver coins have become a major investment. In 2008, the increase in silver investments has significantly skyrocketed. Silver investments have more than doubled the amount of silver EFT funds. Continue reading

India Responsible for Rising Silver Prices

The rising prices on silver have been attributed to India’s renewed interest in the white metal. In the third quarter of 2012, silver prices rose 25% thanks to increased volatility and healthy returns on silver ETFs. This change in behavior has subsequently attracted investors who have typically favored gold investments, including gold’s own country – India. Continue reading

Sliver Price falls in the United States

On 22nd June, 2012, the prices on silver in the United States dropped 3.1 percent to $26.72 per ounce influencing the daily precious metals index. Silver prices in India fell 1.7 percent to INR 52, 972($940) per kilogram.

Silver price in Japan declined 1 percent to JPY 702.00($8.77) per 10 grams. The prices on silver in China descended CNY 5,910($928) after two days of falls. Continue reading

Silver Prices to Climb up 300 percent in 5 years

Evaluating the reports of 5 years, it’s expected that the prices on silver will increase up to 300 percent. According to the latest report, silver prices are assumed to be jumping at 33.75 an ounce. Continue reading