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Silver Prices Around The World Are Changing Mining Operations

The silver investment that most people make has been pretty stable, but people are getting concerned that they are not going to get the same returns they did at one time. Continue reading

Prices on Silver Rise per Ounce!

Silver ingot. Credit: Aatze78 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The weak global economy has had negative effects on markets of almost every commodity. But, the market of silver, a commodity considered as one of the precious metals, is flourishing like never before!
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Tips For Silver Jewellery Online Business

Credit: Nevit Dilmen / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Today’s fashion trends show that silver jewelry is highly in demand, much more than the gold jewellery. Considering the fact that the prices on silver are far less than those on gold, silver jewellery is sure to hypnotize the world for many years more, say the experts in silver and fashion industry.
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Emerging prospects for silver in industral uses

Credit: Jurii / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The silver prices after soaring to $50 are now shuttling in the narrow margin from $32 to $36 per ounce. It is difficult to forecast the future of silver prices in the immediate term. However, there are several reasons that silver prices may spell well for investors in the medium and long term considering the several factors affecting silver prices. Continue reading