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Silver Investment On The Rise

Silver Bullion

Since 2005, precious metals like silver coins have become a major investment. In 2008, the increase in silver investments has significantly skyrocketed. Silver investments have more than doubled the amount of silver EFT funds. Continue reading

The Smartest Opportunity to Ride on the Next Silver Wave

For the last 10 years, silver prices have jumped astronomically even when compared to silver. However, unlike gold, there was a significant drop in silver prices last year after a 10 year high. Silver presents a great opportunity for investors today, as in spite of low prices last year, the demand for silver stays at record levels. Continue reading

The Eagerly Anticipated Antelope Silver Coin to be Soon Available from Universal Coin & Bullion

Photo courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint -http://www.mint.ca/store/template/home.jsp

Universal Coin & Bullion is a major distributor of coins. The Silver Antelope Coin depicting the North American Wildlife will soon be available from this distributor. Continue reading

Silver Prices Could Soar Drastically

WN Photo

There seem to be good times ahead for silver investors. Europe is making efforts to ease out debt. Even US is showing economic growth with employment in the US showing a positive trend. These conditions are favourable for the silver market. Continue reading