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Silver Wins Over Gold in the Three-Legged Race

American Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle. Credit: PD Photo

The demand for U.S. bullion coins has reportedly been weak this year. And, the monitoring of sales has been analogous to a three-legged race at a picnic, where anybody could finish.

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Silver Prices And Global Economy

gold silver coins

Credit: Piqsels

November’s presidential election uncertainty in the United States, the Brexit, the Oil meltdown, the European slumping economy, global banking policies and overall economic scenario are helping silver and gold prices to touch newer high every day. Especially silver prices are expected to be pushed upwards up to $30 per ounce by the fall of the year 2016.

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Silver investments over gold?

Credit: Flickr / Mark Herpel / CC-BY 2.0

There has been a lot of fanfare over gold in the global economy as a safe haven investment. Equity markets worldwide fell while the US struggled to rear its head above debt in the last month. Continue reading