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Investing in Silver, Physical Vs Paper

silver bars

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It is often considered a good idea for investors to hold precious metals such as gold or silver in their portfolios to hedge against inflation risk and provide investors with the diversification that is simply holding equities does not provide. Continue reading

Silver Investment On The Rise

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In 2008, the increase in silver investments had significantly skyrocketed. Silver investments have more than doubled the number of silver EFT funds.  Continue reading

Great Opportunity to Buy Silver ETFs

silver bullion bar

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As a result of the recent sell-off, the silver prices dropped down $30 an ounce. In the wake of the collapse of a commodities broker,  MF global, investors are more interested in cash. Many believe that fears of deflation and Europe’s debt crisis have enormously influenced the white metal. Some investors believe that it is a great time to invest in silver. Continue reading

Silver investments over gold?

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There has been a lot of fanfare over gold in the global economy as a safe haven investment. Equity markets worldwide fell while the US struggled to rear its head above debt in the last month. Continue reading