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Increasing Demand for Silver by the Solar Energy Industry

Solar panel

Credit: Maxpixels

The US debt crisis and European economic woes have sent the silver trading industry into turmoil as prices kept on declining through much of August. Traders and investors are grappled with fear since the current crisis could cause a decline in demand for industrial silver. Another interesting point that has come forward is the growing inflation rate in China, hindering a country’s growth that has until now ceased further recession dips along with Brazil and other developing countries. Continue reading

Emerging prospects of silver in industrial uses

Credit: Jurii / CC-BY-SA 3.0

After soaring to $50, the silver prices are now shuttling in the narrow margin from $32 to $36 per ounce. It isn’t easy to forecast the future of silver prices. However, there are several reasons that silver prices may spell well for investors in the medium and long term considering the several factors affecting silver prices. Continue reading