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Speculations on Silver Prices – as “What is really Sky High”

silver coins

Credit: Pixabay

Silver prices hitting $20 per ounce leave the market speculating how much silver will rise in 2016. Due to the overall economic scenario globally and especially after Brexit, silver has had double the percentage gain compared to gold. Continue reading

Silver A Trusted Metal for Investment and also a Form of Money

silver jewelry

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Silver the whitest, most malleable and most conductive metal known. Silver has had a variety of uses in history. It has always been a form of money and used widely in jewellery. Continue reading

Silver Prices Around The World Are Changing Mining Operations

The silver investment that most people make has been pretty stable, but people are getting concerned that they will not get the same returns they did at one time. Continue reading

Investing in Silver, Physical Vs Paper

silver bars

Credit: Dnn87 / CC-BY SA 3.0

It is often considered a good idea for investors to hold precious metals such as gold or silver in their portfolios to hedge against inflation risk and provide investors with the diversification that is simply holding equities does not provide. Continue reading

Global Silver Prices to Climb Amidst Unsure Euro

Silver ingot. Credit: Aatze78 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Chris Marchese, the co-author of The Silver Manifesto and analyst for The Morgan Report, expressed in detail his belief that the worldwide prices of silver will rise as investors turn to global standards. Continue reading

The Best Time to Invest in Silver

Silver Bullion Bar

Credit: Unit 5 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Many investors have been turning to metals with equities being so high and interest on bonds or bank deposits being so low. But it is not only about looking for a higher return but also about diversifying a portfolio properly. Thus, it comes as no surprise that silver investment has become increasingly appealing and interesting to consider. Yet, is there such a thing as the best time to buy silver? Continue reading

Silver Trading Platform in Hong Kong

The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. Credit: Ahleong / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) aims at the bright future of silver trade in Hong Kong and plans to step forward to play a larger role in the silver trade. Continue reading

Royal Canadian Mint Introduces New Silver Investment Product

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a public offering of exchange-traded receipts (ETRs) under the new Canadian Silver Reserves Program. Each ETR is the proof of ownership of physical silver bullion, held with the Mint at its reserve facilities. The Canadian Silver Reserves Program denotes further expansion of the Mint and its success in core bullion and refinery. Continue reading