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Speculations on Silver Prices – as “What is really Sky High”

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Credit: Pixabay

Silver prices hitting $20 per ounce leave market speculating so as how much silver will rise in the year 2016. Due to the overall economic scenario in the world and especially after Brexit, silver has had double the percentage gain as compared to gold. Continue reading

Silver Prices Around The World Are Changing Mining Operations

The silver investment that most people make has been pretty stable, but people are getting concerned that they are not going to get the same returns they did at one time. Continue reading

Why Silver Prices Are Higher Than Ever?

Though silver is looked upon as secondary or metal with lesser importance than gold, many people don’t know that silver is far more in demand for its industrial usage.

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Precious Metals Prices See Downfall

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Credit: Dnn87 / CC-BY SA 3.0

Near future of precious metals such as silver and gold seems cloudy. Prices on these shiny metals are declining as a result of dollar’s rally. The dollar went up high by 6% last month and at the same time, gold fell by 11%.

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Precious Metals Continue to Lose for the Second Successive Session

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Credit: Dnn87 / CC-BY SA 3.0

Due to dim demand from stockists, both precious metals, gold and silver, continue to lose for the second consecutive session. Both the precious metals showed a run-down phase in the national capital. Continue reading

Silver investment will continue to grow despite volatility

Silver is not gaining momentum, surely not after crashing from $50 per ounce to $32-36 per ounce. Things are not hunky-dory for the commodity but according to experts, investors should stop greying their hair over the volatility of silver as even today the precious metal is a good investment due to its extensive use in the industrial arena. Continue reading