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Silver A Trusted Metal for Investment and also a Form of Money

Silver bars, coins, bullions

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Silver the whitest, most malleable and most conductive metal known. Silver has had a variety of uses in history. It has been always a form of money and used widely in jewelry. Continue reading

Silver Investment On The Rise

Silver Bullion

Since 2005, precious metals like silver coins have become a major investment. In 2008, the increase in silver investments has significantly skyrocketed. Silver investments have more than doubled the amount of silver EFT funds. Continue reading

What is Silver ETF?

ETF stands for an “Exchange Traded Fund”, a type of investment. Silver ETF is an investment plan where one invests the money in silver investment market.ETFs of any commodity can be traded as shares on several stock exchanges around the world. However, the intricacies of the way the ETFs work are defined differently in different parts of the world though there are some global elements of an ETF. Continue reading

China Emerging as Ruler of Silver and Gold Investment Market


Though the experts say that the current prices on precious metals are comparatively high than they used to be some years ago, current prices are sending shivers down everybody’s spine who want to buy silver or gold. But not the Chinese.

Continue reading

Silver Market in Peru Hampered

Downfall in silver market is what Peru, the second-largest silver producing country in the world, is going through.

Eclipse to the profits of mining companies in Peru is the indicators of decreasing financial benefits of companies.

Compania de Minas Buenaventura SAA, one of the leading silver mining companies in Peru, declared reduced profits compared with those in earlier year. The company said its net income in the first-quarter  of last year was $224.8 million while this year’s first-quarter has not been able to show the net income beyond $207.5 million.  It also revealed that the shares of the company have come down to 82 cents from 88 cents per share last year. Continue reading

South American Silver Corp. Declares First Closure of Financing

South American Silver Corp declared its first closure of $6.4 million on 16 April 2012. A final closing is expected to take place on or before May 11, 2012 for the remainder of the Offering. Continue reading

Comex Silver Stocks: Highest In Last 10 Years

According to the Reuters report, the U.S silver stocks hit the highest mark on April 16, 2012. A spokesperson at US exchange operator CME group that owns COMEX reached 284.28 million ounces on the day.

The analysts of the silver or precious metals market in general say that when people start preferring to get into Comex, it is because they don’t have a better option of dealing with the metal. Comex stocks become strong as a result of low premiums which indicate low global demand for the metal. Continue reading

Dividends in Form of Silver and Gold!

Gold Resource Corp. – a low-cost gold producer is launching Gold and Silver Dividend Program on April 10, 2012 for its shareholders.

President of Gold Resource Corp, Jason Reid said that the new program will be beneficial for shareholders, for sure. He also added that delivering dividends in form of silver and gold to the shareholders of the company was a long-term goal which is now on the way to being accomplished. Continue reading

Silver: An Industrial Metal

Though silver is one of the precious metals, it is also used as raw material in various industrial processes.

The world is now getting introduced to various industrial uses of silver every other day. Due to the newly found industrial processes, gadgets or appliances that require silver as a raw material make the demand for silver go higher and hence the prices.  Continue reading