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Is Investment in Silver More Lucrative than Gold

Many investors and stock market experts strongly believe investment in silver could be more lucrative in the coming years. The value of silver is expected to have a surge much higher in terms of percentage as compared to gold during the next financial and economic crisis across the world. Continue reading

Kentucky Investors Want Tax Exemption for Gold, Silver

Investors in Kentucky who deal in gold and silver bullion and coins feel that the state is double taxing them with 6 percent sales tax.

State Sen. John Schickel, R-Union has necessitated the need to exempt precious metal bullion or legal tender coins from the state’s sales tax levy. Gold, silver and other precious metal investors pay a sales tax beforehand plus capital gains tax when they sell it. Continue reading

Silver Prices Jump as EU States Agree on Ban in All Trade with Iran

Gold, silver and prices on other precious metals rose on the news of EU sanctioning a gradual ban on Iran oil and all trade in diamonds, gold, silver and petrochemicals with the Iranian Central Bank. The measures also imply a ban on delivery of new coins and banknotes to Iran. Continue reading

The Gold bearing on the image of Silver

Alchemical symbol of silver

The current state of positive beliefs about gold is impacting silver’s impending predictions as forecasters believe it will possibly rise to $50 an ounce, riding high on gold’s success. HSBC relies on its gold’s affirmative forecast where it has prophecised that the precious metal will cost $1,850 per ounce in 2013. Investors are depending on these and similar forecasts for gold as they continue to analyze silver’s future. But what holds true for gold may not be for silver. They need to have a neutral view of silver, irrespective of what lies ahead for gold. In such situations, the future outlook for silver is raising concerns. Continue reading

IBFX Australia announce the launch of Gold and Silver Contracts

silver bullion bar

silver bullion bar

Forex broker IBFX Australia, an affiliate of the Interbank FX Group of companies headquartered in Sydney today publicized the launch of their gold and silver CFD contracts through its MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Recognizing the keen demand for gold and silver, IBFX has permitted traders to chart and trade these two precious commodities in conjunction with their preferred currencies. Continue reading