China Emerging as Ruler of Silver and Gold Investment Market

The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. Credit: Ahleong / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Though the experts say that the current prices on precious metals are comparatively high than they used to be some years ago, current prices are sending shivers down everybody’s spine who want to buy silver or gold. But not the Chinese.

Current prices on gold are $US1593 an ounce while prices on silver are just above $US29/oz. Although the prices on silver and other precious metals are retreating, the Chinese investors have interestingly started investing in gold and silver markets.

The Shanghai Futures Exchange launched its silver futures contracts. Though the first contract seemed to be launched at the wrong time, the second one attracted enormous interest from investors.

Though the Shanghai market seems to have taken up to huge investments in silver and gold investment market, it won’t be possible for them to achieve success and firm position in precious metals’ investment market, at least now, say the experts. But, despite the fact, they also add that China is going to rule the world of precious metals’ investment market in near future as the facts and figures show that silver trading has a big future in China.

They also add that China will dominate the investment market of silver and gold rather than platinum and palladium.

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